Five Shake Days Complete

The three week test sequence is finally complete.  We pulled the skids off yesterday afternoon and are un-installing the piles today (Wednesday, February 24, 2016).  I will take lots of pictures of the piles as they come out of the sand box – I want to check out what exactly happened to some of the […]

Seismic skids are locked and loaded

We spent a LONG day Friday taking off the concrete donut weights, measuring and drilling lots of pile cap holes and we managed to place one skid around 5:30 pm. Early Saturday morning we placed the second skid and filled them both with sand. Each skid weighs about 3,000 lbs and we filled the 5.5″ […]

Let’s shake! (Finally!!!)

Well, the day has finally arrived. We are shaking the piles tomorrow morning. (Wednesday, February 17, 2016). We will do seven shake sequences starting from the 1994 Northridge California Earthquake (around a Magnitude 6.7) and ending with the 1995 Kobe Takatori Japan Earthquake (around a Magnitude 6.9). We will vary the amplitude starting from 50% to […]

Schedule week of February 15th

Greetings from the 2016 GeoStructures conference in Phoenix. Don’t worry- I fly back to San Diego tonight to keep the test sequence moving ever forward. We are planning on having all the cables hooked to the data acquisition by the end of the day Tuesday and do the first shake on just the piles Wednesday […]

125 strain gauge cables spliced and bundled…

In an amazing feat of teamwork, we were able to finish splicing, dropping and bundling 125 strain gauge cables.  We also worked on getting the seismic skids modified and pile caps marked for installation. We will spend Thursday and Friday hooking up the strain gauge and accelerometer cables into the data acquisition system and hopefully […]

Helical Piles are Installed!

We had a great two days out in sunny and hot San Diego installing piles.  The team did a great job with all the instrumentation and we only lost 27 gages (out of 152) due to sand abrasion, mostly at the helix level, and some crunched wires.  The amount of data we’ll collect should be […]

Helical Piles in the News!

Our project made the news!  Check it out: On Thursday, two members (Bill and Anthony) of my dream-team installing team from Torcsill, showed up on site and started shaking equipment out. On Friday, I started the tedious process of stripping the ends of all 166 cables and then labeling each end with the strain […]

First Shake Series in the Books!!!!!

Today we turned the shake table on for the first time and performed three tests on the sand bed to learn about the sand properties, including the shear wave velocity.  While we didn’t see much movement, it was still amazing to get the table up and running and actually start shaking.  I was pretty excited. […]