Helical Pile Shake Test a Huge Success

(as posted on Linked IN) The seismic shake test on helical piles went so well!  A great big shout out to the National Science Foundation, the Deep Foundation Institute and all of the Helical Pile and Tieback Committee Sponsors who made this test possible. Project Sponsors Hubbell-Chance (http://www.abchance.com/products/helical-piles-anchors/) MacLean Power Systems (https://www.macleanpower.com/) RamJack Systems Distribution […]

A blog of a blog….

My blog (this very blog) has been featured in ANOTHER blog!  How exciting!  Check it out! http://www.sturdystructural.com/blog/featuring-the-largest-earthquake-simulator-in-the-united-states We continue to work on reducing the data.  To date, we have the ten piles and all the strain gauge data organized by pile and location and bending moments (and axial loads – although we’re suspicious of a […]