Helical Pile Shake Test a Huge Success

(as posted on Linked IN)

The seismic shake test on helical piles went so well!  A great big shout out to the National Science Foundation, the Deep Foundation Institute and all of the Helical Pile and Tieback Committee Sponsors who made this test possible.


Project Sponsors

Hubbell-Chance (http://www.abchance.com/products/helical-piles-anchors/)

MacLean Power Systems (https://www.macleanpower.com/)

RamJack Systems Distribution – Cash plus material, fabrication and engineering donation (http://www.ramjack.com/)

Magnum Piering – Cash plus material, fabrication and engineering donation (http://www.magnumpiering.com/)

Helical Pile Association (http://www.helicalpileassociation.com/)

Torcsill Foundations – Cash, plus material, fabrication, engineering and continuous on-site contractor support (http://www.torcsill.com/)

IDEAL Group (http://idealfoundationsystems.com/)

Foundation Supportworks (http://www.foundationsupportworks.com/)

Techno Metal Post (http://www.technometalpost.com/en-CA/)

Foundation Technologies (https://foundationtechnology.com/)

CTL/Thompson (http://www.ctlthompson.com/)

Lally Pipe (http://www.lallypipe.com/)

DFI (http://www.dfi.org/)

Helical Pile World (http://www.helicalpileworld.com/)

Atlas Tube (http://www.atlastube.com/)

GoliathTech (http://www.goliathtechpiles.com/about-us/)

Patriot Foundation Systems (http://patriothelicals.com/index.html)

EXL Tube (https://www.exltube.com/)

Another big shout out to my dream-team helical pile installation team from Torcsill Foundations, LLC (www.torcsill.com) for their continuous, unwavering on-site support of this project.  They did anything I asked them to do, from installing helical piles overhead in the large shaker box, to splicing three-wire strain gages, to fabricating and welding material onsite, to loading weights on my piles, and in general just being good guys!  Torcsill donated all of this support for a full three weeks and were the major reason this project went forward and stayed on schedule.  I could not have done the project without them!