Successful DFI Presentation!

Success!  The Helical Pile and Tieback Committee finagled a prime time 30 minute time-slot during the plenary session for my seismic research presentation today – and even though the crowd was late for lunch because the session started late after break, we managed to hold a packed room for a 25 minute power-packed presentation.  Unfortunately, […]

More Qualitative Proof that Helical Piles Work Well in Earthquakes – Alaska

I just read a great post by one of our Helical Pile Seismic Research Project Sponsors, TechnoMetal Post,, that talked about the recent January 24, 2016 7.1 Magnitude Alaskan Earthquake and its effect on residential structures using helical piles as foundation elements. They did a post-earthquake reconnaissance and noted no damage to the helical […]