Helical Piles are Installed!

We had a great two days out in sunny and hot San Diego installing piles.  The team did a great job with all the instrumentation and we only lost 27 gages (out of 152) due to sand abrasion, mostly at the helix level, and some crunched wires.  The amount of data we’ll collect should be […]

Helical Piles in the News!

Our project made the news!  Check it out: On Thursday, two members (Bill and Anthony) of my dream-team installing team from Torcsill, showed up on site and started shaking equipment out. On Friday, I started the tedious process of stripping the ends of all 166 cables and then labeling each end with the strain […]

First Shake Series in the Books!!!!!

Today we turned the shake table on for the first time and performed three tests on the sand bed to learn about the sand properties, including the shear wave velocity.  While we didn’t see much movement, it was still amazing to get the table up and running and actually start shaking.  I was pretty excited. […]

Sand compaction and accelerometer placement almost complete

My second day onsite is going great. The sand contractor, Cromwell Contracting, has done a great job prepping the sand bed in the box for helical pile installation next Monday. The UCSD techs and I have been deciphering instrumentation plans from the previous project and placing accelerometers in each lift. Now we are working on […]

A Cat Flew into the sand box….

The weather doesn’t feel much different than Norman, Oklahoma. It is cold and sunny and windy, all with bright blue skies.  But apparently cats fly in San Diego because one flew into the sand box this morning to start excavating the sand and tunnel. That means that we’ve officially started getting ready for helical pile […]

Leaving on a flat-bed…..

The instrumented piles and caps were safely palleted and left OU on a TorcSill Foundations LLC flatbed this afternoon (Friday, January 29th, 2016). The piles are headed to Weatherford, OK to share the flat bed with some more equipment and then on to San Diego. I fly to San Diego on Sunday the 31st!  We […]

We have a *new* tentative start date!

The featured picture is one of our seismic skids donated by Magnum piering!  Thanks so much!  They are enroute to UCSD as I write. We are slightly delayed, but I do have a signed and executed contract with the sand compactor, and he has agreed to be on the site on Tuesday, February 2nd to […]